Project objectives

The goal of the CONSENS research project is to advance the continuous production of high-value products that meet high quality demands in flexible intensified continuous plants by introducing novel online sensing equipment, closed-loop adaptive control and innovative software tools . CONSENS focuses on flexible continuous plants, but the results in the areas of sensing, control, and performance monitoring will also be transferable to large-scale processes.

CONSENS will develop novel sensing technology for composition, rheological properties, and the formation of fouling layers to cope with variations of input materials, degradation of equipment and changing product specifications. The novel technologies will be developed and implemented in 3 case studies from the areas of organic synthesis, polymer production and consumer products. 

INVITE's contribution

INVITE provides a unique infrastructure for developing and demonstrating new process concepts under realistic conditions. In this scope, INVITE contributes to the validation of the technical and economical feasibility of novel control and sensing technologies and will be in the lead for work package 4 "Validation" . In this work package INVITE will perform the testing of the novel sensors with a real system for the fine chemicals study. Furthermore, INVITE will support the active exploitation of the developed sensors and control tools as a contributor in work package 5 "Impact assessment and exploitation". Finally, the project coordinator Bayer will be supported within their project management.

Project Partner

The CONSENS consortium consists of partners from the process industry, research institutes and academia as well as suppliers for instrumentation and SMEs.


Project duration

3 years up to 31.12.2017


A short overview over the projects and its results can be found at the poster below, presented at the final project workshop in Barcelona in December 2017: